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Our vision is a yoga community that thrives in the classical yoga system while maintaning an upbeat and positive vibe. Liquid Fire Yoga ® is here to help you keep up the deeper practices of yoga without losing your grounded edge. 

We've got your back!

Learning yoga is easy. Keeping up the practice, that is another story. We are here to help you keep up the yoga practice no matter where you are. From great music to listen to in the car, to a yoga retreat in paradise, we will make sure your fire of inspiration is always burning bright! We are the yoga teachers who are there for you, always.

Lokah Luv

We (Theresa & Calvin) when we come together on projects, running our College Park Yoga® studio and teaching classes, we are as one.

There is no separation, no division, just the simple easy going space of love.

So, when we are together, we create Lokah Luv (the space of love)

Get Dressed!

Calvin & I (that's me, Theresa! Hi!) We spend weeks testing and washing the garments we sell. We want to make sure they last and keep that super comfy feeling through multiple wears. All the logos and decorations are lovingly created by us and printed by us. We are a total DIY company. Everything goes through our hands and gets our love before it ever reaches your doorstep. One thing is for sure, every item is created from our inner space of love and creativity. 

Yoga Class

We know, your life is busy and your schedule isn't always flexible. We get it. You can't always make it to your favorite Wednesday night yoga class. Get our Liquid Fire Yoga - The Practice in DVD & practice anytime!

You can also enjoy us live!
If you are in Orlando, Take a class with us at College Park Yoga®.

We have DVD's, Books, CD's, online courses, & FaceTime sessions too!

Feel the Love

We have everything you need to practice yoga

Theresa And Calvin Curameng of college park yoga in Orlando

Yoga DVD's & Videos

with Calvin & Theresa Curameng

Get your peace-prescription filled. Our Liquid Fire Yoga practice is known for relieving tension and pressure of the mind and body. Available in DVD or online streaming!

That's lokah luv

Lokah Luv Music

Music for yoga & Creativity

Get lost in the space of love. Our CD's are designed for an active expression of meditation and creative projects.

We aren't crazy vegans, we just like vegan food

Yoga & Cook Books

Eye catching photos, delicous recipes & yoga practice

Eat more plants. Practice more yoga. It's really simple and really easy to add it to your lifestyle. We teach you how.

Great yoga clothes at a great price

Yoga Gear

Soft. Comfortable. Flattering. 

Our message is positive and light, just like our clothes. Don't you just want a "have a namaste" shirt? We love to be light and to create clothes that make you smile (and remind you to get to your mat and practice, too).  Currently, only available at College Park Yoga Studio

Yoga videos and yoga classes in Orlando

Live Yoga Class

College Park Yoga®

Our yoga studio is located in a charming community in Orlando, FL. We are teaching there 7 days a week! Join us for an inspiring yoga session!

Yoga retreats in paradise, like Hawaii

Yoga Retreats


Always at a beachfront oasis somewhere in the beautiful world! Join us for a full week of pure yoga love and delicious food. 2020 Costa Rica Retreat has Sold Out!

Why people love our vibe

Our students are enthusiastic about their yoga. Motivated and excited to join us for class. We fully practice seeing the light in others and enjoy watching their light get brighter & brighter with every practice. We love to teach yoga and our students feel that love to the core.

Calvin & Theresa are the  absolute best at what they do, so positive and very helpful always there to guide you. So full of bright light you feel it the minute you walk through the doors and I feel so at peace when I leave.


I cried tears of joy after my first class at College Park Yoga. It's a mind & body expreience. I love Theresa & Calvin!

Cari Ann

Best yoga studio ever! They are so warm and encouraging, you will want to come back just to soak in their amazing energy.


Calvin and Theresa, the owners, emit positive energy, inspiration and love. They are kind and credible, because they are constantly practicing what they teach.



The light in me sees the light in you. To see the light, Keep practicing!