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We offer everything, from sustainable yoga clothes, to yoga DVD's, online meditation courses, live yoga classes, yoga books, cook books and music for yoga and creativity. When it comes to yoga, we've got your back!

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60 Minute Yoga DVD - limited edition


60 minutes & 20 minutes of pure yoga love We created 2 yoga sessions. One for those days you have space and time to enjoy a full hour of breathing, movement and pure yoga love. And, as an added bonus (if you get the DVD), a 20 minute practice for those days you just need to get your peace-prescription filled.  Music created with love by Lokah Luv. This is a limited edition DVD.

Lokah Is Space - CD


Lokah Luv creates music for yoga and creativity. Get lost in the space of love. You know Lokah loves their bass an their peace. This Music CD has no lyrics so you can keep you mind focused on being creative!

Yoga Gear

Starting at $30

 We love to be light and to create clothes that make you smile (and remind you to get to your mat and practice, too). We both love remembering the album covers of our rebellious youth, and love the palm trees and sea that reminds us of those beautiful exotic days of surfing. You will find that our clothes have our loves interwoven into the designs. From travel, to nature, to the love of yoga, there is something for everyone in out little store. 

BURN 33 Days of Raw - The EBook


Over 330 pages of yoga practice, food practice and recipes! In our yoga we recognize the power food has over the mind. Learn how to cook from a fresh base and discover the yoga practice that has changed thousands of peoples lives!

Yoga Retreats

Worldwide - This year is Mexico!

We are venturing to the oasis of Mexios's Riviera! Our secluded beachfront paradise will be filled with yoga practice, cooking classes, all the water sports you can imagine, travling to hidden islands and just enjoying being with nice people for an entire 8 days! SOLD OUT. Look for our 2020 retreat coming soon!

Yoga Classes, Orlando

At College Park Yoga® Orlando

Theresa and Calvin have taught thousands of  brand new to yoga students this breath-by-breath practice that will change your life. Taking a class at College Park Yoga® will make you feel fulfilled and inspired! Classes are 7 days week, always with T&C.